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For those of you who don't know yet: I am leaving for Vancouver next Friday, April 15th. Yes, it is a beautiful city, but first & foremost, I am going there to join my Ariane. After 600+ e-mails, countless Skype calls (and even more text chats), we've pretty much had it with digital communication: time for some IRL'ing (=^_^=).

I've challenged myself to report at least once a month about my adventures on the Canadian West Coast - Ariane has agreed to gently poke me in case of procrastination :) For sure, updates will be spread across other places as well, but you should be able to keep track of me right here.

Take care & talk soon. In the meantime, one for the road.


Ariane replied on

HECK YES, IRL!!!!!!! See you in 4 days! <3

Wim Leers replied on

Goodbye to a fellow Belgian, heading toward something better :) And yes, nothing beats IRL! :)

Katherine replied on

Looking forward to welcoming you to the city! :-D

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