Blog post #3

I got my work permit three weeks ago at the US/Canadian border, between Vancouver and Seattle. It was quite funny actually: the 'border' was a door between the US and Canada (we walked across), we had to get a paper on the US side stating we had left the country (since you can only apply for a work permit when entering Canada), and then when re-rentering Canada, I did the actual application. It all went smoothly, since the lawyers of my new employer prepared everything very well.

Then our car broke down on the way back and we had it towed it back to Vancouver. Ariane's 20 years old Volvo (she bought it second hand 10 years ago) is now officially retired. After some test driving the last couple of weeks, we replaced it with a Toyota Prius. I'm excited to be driving a hybrid, even though I mostly bike around here (Vancouver is very bike friendly).

Yesterday was my last day working remotely for, the independent news site I've been working with for 10 years. It's going to be quite the change, starting work here. But it sits really well. I found a job as a Drupal developer with, a pretty cool seeming marketing agency with offices in Vancouver and SF (Drupal is the open source web software that I've been working with for the last years). The new job will allow me to a lot of Drupal work (also to contribute back to the project), which is cool.

Ariane and I are going back to Portland in October, for the PNW Drupal Summit, a local Drupal conference. It seems it's a really good event, I'm looking forward to it. Then for Christmas, we're going to Ariane's parents in Saskatoon, the Canadian prairies, which will be freezing cold, but I really want to go there (I'm hoping to see some northern lights). We might also go down to LA, to visit more of Ariane's family. And then in February, I'll be in Belgium for two weeks to deal with my apartment (I'm thinking of selling it) and other practical stuff. And of course, to see friends, and probably come by at the dojo.

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