D8 to D3: Using Drupal for data visualization

Data visualization image

One of the exciting features that’s on its way in Drupal 8 is the ability to use Drupal as a RESTful web service. This means that Drupal 8 core allows you to expose data to external applications in a number of standardized formats, and have those applications send data back to Drupal, for example to create, update, or delete content.

Organizing and creating content for Drupal with GatherContent

When you’re working on a web project, one of the most important pieces to the puzzle is the content that’s going to be published. After all, we build websites and applications to get other people to read our articles, see our videos or listen to our audio. The process of planning, developing and organizing content is often referred to as "content strategy". The goal is to answer a number of content-related questions, such as:

Drupal and Responsive Web Design: Look Great On Any Device

It’s 2011, and the world is going mobile. People don't just use their desktop computer or laptop anymore to visit the sites you build. They're coming at you with smartphones, tablets, TV screens — and who knows what they’ll bring next year? With all this device-switching going on, one of the questions that site builders ask themselves is, how can we keep catering to all these different devices? The good news: There is a way. It’s called responsive webdesign.

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